Jeffrey ( Jexx ) is the owner and director of Jexx Studio Production LLP.
Please refer to article about Jexx on Matterport website.

I started out as a photographer and later converted to a videographer few years back. I am also a member of blackbox global community and had produced more than 1500 stock footages which is uploaded in various stock agencies. These stock footages is constantly purchased by content creator all over the world. Recently, I have also work with an enrichment centre based in Jiangsu, China, on producing mandarin wildlife documentary films for educational purposes.

Being an real estate agent as well, I noticed that a tremendous amount of time had been spent traveling to show properties in-person, only to have prospective buyers or tenants leave within the first few minutes because the space did not meet their requirements or style preferences. These situations resulted in lost time and opportunity for real estate agents and landlords

In addition, agents sometimes have to show properties multiple times so that prospects can jog their memory after having seen so many in a short span of time. Sometimes prospects wanted to revisit the flow of the space from room to room or check measurements to ensure that their furniture fits.

With the costs in mind for real estate agents, I am providing scanning services for real estate agents using the THETA Z1 which provides reasonable quality virtual tours video.


I look forward to hearing from you.