1) What Equipment ( Camera ) is being used for scanning ?

     From 16th June 2020 onwards, camera used is RICOH THETA Z1.

2) What didnt the company uses Matterport PRO2 device ?

    Being an agent myself, I understand costs of marketing is an important factor for real estate agents. I hope to provides scanning services for real estate agents at lower price with reasonable quality virtual tours video.

Therefore, instead of using PRO2 device, I uses the THETA Z1 camera. 

Here is an example of a virtual tour captured by Theta Z1  -  https://my.matterport.com/models

3) How long does the scanning takes ?

    It depends. It is advisable for real estate agents to ensure that the premises is neat and clean. It will take approximately 30 mins to 45 mins to scan an apartment less than 1000sqft.

4) How is the scanning process like ?

    Once the company staff enters the premises, he will decide on how many scan points is needed. This will depends on the layout of the apartment. He will then switch on all lightings in the apartment and open all doors of bedrooms, toilets, balcony. He will also ensure that the apartment is clean and neat. Once the scanning process begins, nothing shall be remove or move from / to another location. Doors shall remain in their original position until the scanning process ends. Please take note that scanning points is for indoor paces only. ALL OUTDOOR spaces will be capture with 360 view . Therefore, Dollhouse ill only show the built in spaces of the premises.

5) Do you need to have a matterport account ?

    It depends. For real estate agents who only want to scan a few properties and do not wish to incur monthly subscription fees, the company provides them hosting charges of $18 for a period of 2 months. This enables them to save costs if they no longer need the virtual tour video after the property is transacted. In any event where the real estate agent requires further hosting, they can renew the hosting at $15 for a period of 2 months.

Click this link to subscribe to a Matterport account : https://buy.matterport.com/

6) Can I host my virtual tour video on a yearly basis ?

    Yes. The costs of hosting will be $50 per year.


7) Can I place my virtual video on 3rd party website ?

    Yes, you can. It is advisable for you to copy and paste the embed code ( instead of the link ) when placing your virtual video in 3rd party website. This will allows a full screen function.

Click here for more information

8) Can I request the company to transfer the scanning model ( Virtual Tour ) to another of my team mate matterport account ?

   If the company has been engaged to scan a property, the virtual tour will be uploaded to one matterport account holder. If the company is required to upload the same virtual tour video, there will be a additional charges of $25 per account. However, in any event where this function is removed from the platform provider, Jexx Studio Production shall not be liable for any refunds or legal matters. A written agreement shall be provided between the multiple accounts holders to the company before it is uploaded to multiple accounts. Jexx Studio Production shall not be liable for any disputes resulting from uploading to multiple account holders.

9) Why should real estate agent use a virtual tour to market their listings ?

By using a virtual tour to market the property, the real estate agent is able to qualify the potential client before arranging for the appointment for viewing. This helps areal estate agents saves a lot time. The virtual also attracts potential clients for your unit. 


1) How many videos can I insert in the PDF document per page ?

    For $48 ( 1st page ) , it will be for max 2 videos.

2) What if I need more than 1 pages ?

    Prices to be discuss.

3) Who provides the scripts ?

    You shall provide the scripts and information on what is to be written in the PDF newsletter.