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Virtual Tours Captured Services

Our Charges  for scanning services for RESIDENTIAL property virtual tour only :


Condos / Apartments /Landed/ Shophouse

Below   1000sqft                          : $90

1001 to 1500sqft                          : $120

1501 to 3000sqft :                        : $180

3001 to 5000sqft :                        : $280

5001 to 8000sqft:                         : $350

8001 to 10,000sqft:                      : $480

10,001sqft and above                  : $580                        :




Cash upon completion of scanning services.

Paynow to UEN T20LL0254D



1) Size refers to BUILT UP size 

2) Prices DO NOT include HOSTING & BACKEND EDITING OR Mattertags  charges

3) Clients must have their own matterport account.

Click here to subscribe to Matterport :

4) If the company is required to provide hosting, the additional charges will be $18 for period of TWO MONTHS. Subsequent renewal shall be $15 for a period of 2 months. Simple backend editing included. ( Do not include Mattertags editing )

5) There shall be NO REFUND in any situation where the hosting is no longer required.

6) The company reserves the rights to revise the pricing any time without any prior notice.

7) The company shall have the rights to use the virtual tour video in any marketing material unless informed by client in writing otherwise.

8) It is deemed that the owner of the property has given the permission for Jexx Studio Production to scan the content in the premises. In any event if there is any content that is NOT PERMITTED to be display in the virtual tour, it must be remove before the date of the scanning services. Once the scanning is done, it will NOT be possible to remove those items in the virtual tour video. There will be NO refunds for such incident.

9) Please take note that scanning is done for interior spaces of the premises. ALL OUTDOOR spaces will be capture using 360 view. Therefore, It is possible that the dollhouse will only indicate interior spaces and DO NOT include outdoor spaces.



During this covid 19 period, the company reserves the right to cancel the job if we are not able to comply with safe management advisories issued by relevent authorities on site.

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