Property Listings Video Production

Why Shoot Video For Real Estate Listing Video

Good quality photos can tell you how the house looks like, a 3D virtual tour can show you the flow of the house, and bullet points can give you the hard info. But it is video, that can piece the entire story together and convey emotion along with it. It can showcase the the home in entertaining way and builds excitement to see the real thing. Not to mention, it provides BRAND building for agents. Even when the home is sold, you are creating a library of dynamic 'outside' the box marketing tools to show what you bring to the table for your clients.

Movements in footage are important and therefore, to ensure STABLE professional movements in the footages, equipments that the company uses are as follows :

1) Canon C100 MK2 , ZCAM E2S6 or Sony A7IV   ( click for more information on the camera )

2) Edelkrone Sliders  ( Click here to watch the advantages of using this equipment )

3) Edelkrone Jibone  (  Click here to see the cinematic movement.)


In order to assist agents in reducing their costs of producing real estate listings videos, the prices are breakdown

The prices are breakdown into 

1) Production fees only .  ( Voice-over and script is not provided. Agents can choose to provide their own script or choose not o have any voice-over so as to save their costs )

2) Voice-Over fees  - These voice-over shall come with commercial licence.

3) Script fees.


Condo / Apartments 

Below 1500 sqft       - $588

1501 to 2500sqft      - $688

2501 to  4000sqft     - $788

Above 4000sqft        - $888

Landed / Shophouse

Below 2500sqft       - $888

2501 to 4000sqft     - $988

4001 to 6000sqft      - $1088

6001 to 8000sqft      - $1188

8001 to 10,000sqft   - $1288

Above 10,000sqft     - $1388

VOICE OVER FEES with commercial licence

Below 200 words         - $168

Above 200 words         - $198

Voice over can be done in English or Mandarin.


Up to 200 words            - $88

201 words  and above   - $118

Please take note that for any other marketing video such as Real estate property listings video with AGENT  or Agent Profile video, contact 822222420 for discussion.